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Technological Institute of the Children’s Products and Leisure (AIJU)

It was founded in June 1985 as an initiative of the Valencian SMEs Institute (IMPIVA) and the Ministry of Industry & Energy (MINER), with the aim to support the development of the toy industry. Nowadays, AIJU has spread its activity and it is a reference in all the industrial sectors of children’s products and leisure; AIJU offers high technological value services to organisations working in different fields. It is located in Ibi, Alicante, and is a non-profit organisation focused on research and development, technological innovation, an increase of competitiveness and the improvement of quality. The services that AIJU offers to more than 450 associated are focused in 6 specific areas: Innovation and Sustainability Management, Children & Leisure Consumers, Product Development and ITCs, Technologies, Safety and Testing, Training and Information.

Worteurop S.L.

Worteurop, S.L. initiated its activity in 1993. It is devoted to the commercialisation and manufacture of raw materials. Our activities are extended from commercialisation, manufacture, manipulation and logistics of chemical products, minerals, metals, industrial waste and in general all kind of raw materials for the most diverse sectors of industrial, commercial and farming activities, going through terrestrial transport and environment (conception / execution of research and projects), especially zinc and its first-quality alloys.

Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ)

It is a mixed research centre created in 1990 by the Valencian Polytechnic University (UPV) and the Superior Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) with headquarters in the UPV campus. The ITQ is a reference centre in the catalysis area, new materials (especially zeolites) and photo-chemicals. Thanks to its excellent level of basic and oriented research and its multidisciplinary character, the ITQ has the capacity to act in inter-phases among disciplines thus having a broad flexibility and quick adaptation to new lines and challenges.

Cauchos Karey

Enterprise devoted to the manufacture of expanded EVA plates (Ethyl-Vinyl-acetate) and vulcanised rubber sheets distributed to third parties for the manufacture of final products. The company was born to address the shoe sector although it is actually deployed in a great number of markets, since their materials allow experimentation and innovation in original products and even unknown products so far.