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To recycle non-ferrous metallic waste derived from the zamak transformation to obtain zinc oxide (ZnO).


This will allow:

  • The development of an eco-sustainable technology, with about an 80 % performance, that turns a residual current into profitable by-products.
  • The creation of a new source of resources from waste, with high quality and a reduced price compared to the current one.
  • Reducing the cost of waste management and the valorisation of industrial waste, diminishing the quantity of waste going to landfills as a final management methodology.
  • Strengthening and competitively boosting the manufacturing sectors of rubber / EVA and chemical catalysis in the reforming of bio-ethanol. Quick and easy transference to the manufacturing industries of chemical processes and industrial products.
  • Increasing the competitiveness / sustainability of the industrial processes involved (both waste producers and validators).
  • Reducing the difference between the Spain and European average in the distribution of the different uses of waste: land filling, energetic valorisation and material valorisation.