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Presentation of the Life GREENZO project in the HYPOTHESIS Congress (Singapur 2018)

From 24th to 27th July it was hold at Singapore’s University, the 13th edition of the HYPOTHESIS congress (Hydrogen Power Theoretical and Engineering Solutions International Symposium). This event is a forum where representatives from industry, public laboratories, universities, and government agencies can meet together, discuss and show to scientific and social communities, the most recent advances in technology, safety, regulations and policies related to hydrogen and renewable energies. In this edition, high emphasis was put on the role of new technologies for power- o-gas supply as well as energy recovery from any renewable source, with the aim of stimulating discussions towards the integration of renewable energies and smart electrical energy grids, with the vision of a green world where renewable energies and efficient use of energy improve the people’s quality of life.

LIFE GREENZO project results were presented in this forum within the session devoted to hydrogen production by means of catalytic reforming, showing the adequacy of recycled ZnO as Cobalt support in the presence of additives, for preparing stable bioethanol reforming catalysts.

It must be highlighted the expectation raised by the project results presentation, within attendants that were working in the production of sustainable hydrogen using low cost and non-noble metal based catalyst. The work shown during the event has been selected for its publication in a special edition of the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.



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