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6th follow-up meeting of GREENZO project!

Last 1st October, the 6th follow-up meeting of GREENZO project was held at the facilities of ITQ-CSIS (Valencia) in order to carry out the quarterly follow-up of the project.

The meeting was developed according to the established plan, in which the members of the consortium were informed on technical, financial and communication actions carried out until the date.

The fine tuning of the pre-industrial pilot plant centred most of the meeting, as well as the encouraging results being obtained in the preliminary tests of the demonstrators. To highlight that the different Zinc Oxide samples obtained in the pilot plant have allowed to improve the times of the EVA sheets vulcanisation and have improved the performance of H2 obtaining by reforming of bio-ethanol.

img_3819Snapshot of the LIFE13 ENV/ES/173 GREENZO project 6th follow-up meeting

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